The trickiest thing about winters is that it doesn’t leave any warmth in your house, no matter how hard you try. Of course, you turn up the heater and try balancing the temperature, but if you don’t have a heater, it becomes very difficult for you to survive. However, this doesn’t mean that people aren’t surviving without heaters. Unless you live in a country where winters are excruciatingly cold, you can always keep yourself warm, despite being inside the house with absolutely no heaters at all.

Wondering how the warmth can flow in your house and to every corner of every room? Read below to know how you can work on keeping your house warm enough for you and your entire family:

  • Welcome the beautiful sunlight during daytime: If you don’t let the sunlight enter into your house in the morning, you can’t expect your house to get the warmth that you are looking for.
  • Switch on the ceiling fans: Yes – when you switch the ceiling fans ON, Science says that the room gets warmer. However, ensure it is at the lowest speed.
  • Make sure the curtains are closed at night: No matter how beautiful the outside scenery is, you need to keep the curtains closed. Only then you can bring warmth into your room.
  • Let the windows be closed most of the times: Even if your curtains are open, don’t forget to keep the windows closed.
  • Take steam when you are at home: If you like being at home, but dislike the freezing weather, the best thing to do is take steam. This would improve your skin as well.
  • Invite your friends over; more people in the house, more warmth: You can always invite your friends to grab a glass of wine and catch up gossip with them. It would divert your mind from the weather.
  • If you have a fireplace, bring it to some use; it’s not for decoration after all: Fireplaces are gorgeous, but they need to be used as well!
  • Cook, cook and just cook: Cooking warms up the temperature of your house; if you don’t trust me, you can read other bloggers as well. Cook something nice and warm the temperature!
  • Get into a cozy sheet and watch a nice movie: If you want to relax without spending a lot of time doing different things to warm yourself, the best thing to do is slip into a warm sheet, sip coffee or hot chocolate and watch your favorite movie. This would make you feel amazing!
  • Breathe, meditate and do some Yoga: Yoga is one of the best ways to feel warmer. There are a few Asanas that you can do to charge yourself and feel warm.
  • Sip your favorite chicken soup: What can be better than sipping your favorite chicken soup? It makes you feel really good.
  • Dance or hop to keep yourself warm: Dance and exercise to let the heat pump in your body.
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