iHateTheCold 50 Pairs Disposable Hand Warmers

$39.99 CAD

 SAY GOODBYE TO FRUSTRATION & UNBEARABLE COLDNESS, the iHateTheCold hand warmers are a safe, convenient way to cope with the cold. Inject warm comfort even when it’s freezing outside. Simple, odorless, air activated hand warmers.

 YOUR INSTANT TICKET TO WARMNESS, these disposable heating packs heat up within minutes and provide up to 8 hours of heat. Just shake & enjoy! Your safe and natural way to get long-lasting heat!

 LOVELY COMPACTNESS, SLIP INTO POCKETS, each hand warmer is compact enough to slip into a glove or jacket pocket. Have central heating in your hands or pockets wherever & whenever you want!

 YOU AND YOUR FAMILY DESERVE THE BEST, the super quality 50 pairs of disposable hand warmers offer great value. Great solution if you need pocket hand warmers for the whole family when doing outdoor activities.

 NUMEROUS USES, perfect for outdoor or sports activities like camping, hiking, skiing, sporting events, and even a cold office!


Are you freezing when hiking or camping on cold days? Are your hands constantly cold?

Do you live in an area with cold temperatures or plan to do outdoor activities? Well, we at iHateTheCold are here to stop your struggles.

Introducing Natural Hand Warmers by iHateTheCold - your easy way to beat the cold & freezing weather!

iHateTheCold hand warmers help you beat the bitter cold by keeping hands toasty warm in the natural and safe way. With their compact size, you can slide them into your gloves or line your pockets with them and stay warm for up to 8 hours.

Bring the heat to your hand & pockets in minutes

Activates in minutes, keeps warm for hours, our hand heaters are a hugely effective way to prevent from ever being cold outside!

Why are the iHateTheCold hand warmers a must-have?

• ready to use

• shake for instant heat in minutes

• long-lasting warmness

• natural safe materials

• thin, lightweight & compact

With iHateTheCold hand warmers, you are beating the cold in a smart way!


Warms up in seconds, stays warm for 8+ hours

Get safe and natural long-lasting heat for 8+ hours in an easy way. Each hand warmer, once opened and shaken, activates within 15 seconds. Then, our disposable hand warmers give you 8 hours of soothing warmth, allowing you to get on with your day.

Hand-picked materials

The efficient, air activated hand warmers feature natural materials like iron powder, vermiculite, salt and activated charcoal.

Forget about ever being cold EVER again.. just be sure you're padded up with our iHateTheCold disposable hand warmers


Ideal fit into gloves or pockets

iHateTheCold’s mini air activated gloves have a no-hassle fit and compact shape. Open, shake & fit comfortably into your gloves, pant pockets or jacket pockets and enjoy doing what you love!

It’s easy as that!

Your perfect pack!

This 50 pack of our iHateTheCold heating pads offers tremendous value for the avid outdoor enthusiasts.


Just the thing for the adventure lovers, sports fans & outdoor enthusiasts

Forget about staying home in the cold days. Don’t hibernate and have melancholic days, go outside and conquer the day even if it is freezing. Life is to be enjoyed outside in nature and untouched wilderness.

Enjoy your adventures

Whether it’s hunting, fishing, hiking, sports (like skiing or boarding) or just taking a stroll by the lake, order our disposable hand warmers 50 pack today and show the cold who's boss.

Support your team

Cheer your favorite football, baseball or soccer team even in winter – these premium hand warmers will keep you fired up and at the moment even if it’s freezing!

Be efficient

Out on the field or in a cold office and you must do the work? No worries, just use the hand warmers and remain efficient without feeling cold!


Great for the kids & family

Stop exposing your dearest to the cold! It really doesn’t need to be like that.

Get one pack of these hand warmer packs and each of the hand heating pads will prevent your partner, spouse or kids from feeling the cold.

A smart solution to calm and warm kids that often get cold fast and may destroy your perfect day outdoors.

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