iHateTheCold 50 Disposable Body Warmers

$39.99 CAD

Are you freezing when skiing, walking, biking, hiking, fishing, or camping on cold days?

You feel that hand warmers & toe warmers are not enough?

Then you need the new original iHatetheCold Body Warmer which provides you for 10h+ of sustainable warmness to whatever body part you like.

This large warmer uses comfortable adhesive to provide safe heating and it is the best natural way to cope with the cold. Add just one body warmer to your day in the outdoors, and feel warm comfort even when it’s freezing outside.


Outsmart the Cold

Enjoy the Warmth for 10+ hours:

Feel comfortable and say yes to quality, simple, odorless, air-activated body warmers that are:

- crafted from safe materials that are harmless to the human body

- leakage-proof & disposable

- long lasting with 10+ hours of sustainable heat

- comfortable with reliable adhesive


- Those with allergies, diabetes, frostbites, scars, or any other health problems should consult with a physician before use.

- Do not use in while sleeping or in oxygen enriched environments

- Do not use on infants

- Supervised use is advised for children and elderly

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