iHateTheCold 40 Pairs Disposable Toe Warmers

$34.99 CAD

Protect your toes from the coldness with these odorless and air-activated body warmers that are:

- created from the best materials that are harmless to the human body

- leakage-proof & disposable

- long-lasting with 6+ hours of sustainable heat

- comfortable with easy to use & reliable adhesive

iHatetheCold Toe Warmers

Toe Warmers Warm You Up

No matter the quality of your shoes, when the cold strikes, your toes are the first to suffer. Especially when you are exposed to rain and snow. And when the coldness hits your toes and feet, you are under huge discomfort and often pain which prevents you to enjoy your outdoor activities.

To prevent that we introduce our all-new iHatetheCold Toe Warmers which provide for sustainable heat to your toes for 6+ hours.

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