Maxi Silver 8800mAh USB Portable Hand Warmer


✔ ​PREMIUM MATERIALS: Aircraft-grade aluminum casing protects your hands with
even heat distribution around the entire device and has a smooth, brushed finish.
Available in pink or silver, you’ll find it’s a perfect choice for men or women in need of
an electronic heating accessory! They also make the perfect gifts! With cold weather
months just around the corner, keep the gentlemen and ladies in your life heated with
the best in warming accessories!

✔ ​SAFE TEMP: Keep your hands nice and warm through outdoor adventures and
winter months whether you’re already wearing gloves or mittens, or forgot them at
home. Our handwarmers have two comfortable temperature settings: low (41C) or high
(49C) to keep you toasty, but not too hot, no matter the weather. Pocket sized for your
convenience, take your own personal heater with you on hunting trips, skiing, camping,
to football games, or other sports events!

✔ ​POWER BANK: Our hand warmers also allow you to charge your wireless electrical
devices lightning fast, on the go with the 8800mAh lithium-ion battery inside, which
you can connect to charge with the built-in USB port on top.

✔ ​FLASHLIGHT: Light your way or signal for help in an emergency with the powerful
built-in, 1-watt LED light located and operated on the top of the rechargeable hand

✔ ​SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Never suffer cold hands again and purchase with
confidence – this mini reusable hand warmer is backed by a 1-year warranty and
satisfaction guarantee!

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Maxi Silver 8800mAh USB Portable Hand Warmer -
Maxi Silver 8800mAh USB Portable Hand Warmer