edwardorHey everyone, My name is Kai, born and raised in Toronto, Canada. A place that gets very cold. I didn't grown up with much, my parents both immigrated to Canada with a $1000 loan and a dream for a better life. My parents were always big on saving money & lived on the principle of cheaper is "better" which even counted for winter gear. I grew up without snow pants while playing with my peers during break was not as fun as it could have been. After sliding down the hill in jeans and sneakers my lower half would become a solid block of ice and the fun would stop. It got real cold, real fast. Fast forward as an adult I started to have a love for gadgets, and a hate for the cold (who doesn't hate the cold right?). I found a gadget that served me well, it was the Sanyo Eneloop Kairo which was this neat little device that held 2xAA batteries and generated heat from them. I loved it, I would take it everywhere I go, & once when I was at the bank $ the teller asked me what it was, I responded lovingly that she was my girlfriend. There was a problem though, it would die within 30 minutes of use! I guess I wanted something more long term. I was inspired by the amount of joy I felt with that device that I wanted the world to feel the same, but the one I visioned had the power to put out hours of heat. There is a particular comfort and feeling I get when I am able to not just be dressed warmly, but to also receive heat, it feels like receiving a hug. I truly believe that this device will improve your standard of living and create more joy. Stay warm, Kai