Maxi Silver 8800mAh USB Portable Hand Warmer

$37.99 CAD

The iHatetheCold Rechargeable Hand Warmer is a handy device that can make your life easier. Do you live in a cold area, get cold easily or simply want to enjoy outdoor activities even if the weather is cold? Our rechargeable hand warmer, made of high quality aluminum casing, is perfect for you. While being light, convenient and easy to use, the iHatetheCold hand warmer also acts as a portable battery charger for your phone. The iHatetheCold hand warmer is also the perfect present for friends, family or coworkers who are looking for a handy and portable device to help them stay warm and cozy no matter where they are.

Celebrate the change of season and chilly temperatures with an innovative device that keeps your hands nice and warm. The iHateTheCold rechargeable hand warmer is made with premium materials and is sure to be durable, reliable gadget that will keep you warm for years to come.

Slide the front switch over to the H or L position to immediately benefit from the cozy, warm heat that radiates all around the aluminum case. With SafeTemp technology and a powerful 8800mAh lithium-ion battery, there’s no risk of overheating and the warmth is evenly distributed for up to 8 hours.

Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, live in an icy part of the world, or just the hate the cold, the iHateTheCold is a must-have item for when the temperatures drop. The 3-in-1 gadget serves as a hand warmer with two heat settings, reliable power bank for charging devices on the go, and an LED flashlight that’s perfect for everyday carry.


Comfortable, Even Heat

Wrap your hands around the smooth aircraft-grade aluminum case to warm your hands with heat settings that are comfortable to the touch. The reusable hand warmer starts heating in seconds and is regulated by SafeTemp technology to prevent overheating.

The low setting runs for up to eight hours at 41-degrees Celsius and the high setting sits comfortably at 49-degrees Celsius for up to seven hours. You can make the most out of your hand warmers by storing them in your pocket, or inner jacket where the heat is contained and protected against the cold.


Charge on the Go

The rechargeable hand warmer is powered by an 8800mAh lithium-ion battery that also doubles as a power bank for your devices. Utilize the built-in fast charging 2AMP USB power port to charge your smart phone, music player, speakers, and other electronic devices on the go. The powerful battery holds enough power to charge the average device more than three times! Plus, it can be recharged up to 500 times.


LED Flashlight and Design

A 1-watt LED flashlight is built into the top to light your way with a powerful beam or signal for help with the emergency flash mode.

The one-piece aluminum case features a ergonomic shape for the perfect grip for many hand sizes. It's comfortable to hold and a joy to use.


Easy to Use

Simply slide the front slider bar to initiate the low or high heat setting – it’s easy to switch modes for more or less heat and turn off when you’re warm.

The one-piece aluminum case features a brushed look and is subtly decorated with the iHateTheCold logo.

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