iHateTheCold Rechargeable Wish Stone Hand Warmer - Mobile Power Bank (Grey)

$32.99 CAD

iHateTheCold Rechargeable Wish Stone Hand Warmer - Mobile Power Bank | Two-in-One USB Hand Warmer Also Charges Mobile Phones and Tablets | Lightweight, Reusable Hand Warmer (Grey) 

General Product Description

A compact hand warmer that keeps your hands toasty in frigid weather? Brilliant! A rechargeable hand warmer that doubles as a power bank to charge your mobile devices...where's that Nobel Prize for awesomeness? 

This handy hand warmer is great for long, freezing commutes to work, ski trips or just walking around in nippy weather. 

The iHateTheCold Wish Stone is just what you need to beat cold weather. It will also warm your heart to know that wherever you are, you'll have a trusty power source keeping you connected with your mobile phones, tablets and other digital gear.

iHateTheCold is the pinnacle of intelligent design. A clear digital display shows selected modes, whether charging or heating, and displays battery percentage readout. Our reusable hand warmer has a smart feature allowing you to use just one side of the Wish Stone for heating. This energy saving function will give you up to 9 hours of heating.

When set to 2 sides of heating, this hand warmer will deliver between 4 to 5 hours of soothing warmth. Easy, intuitive functions let you cycle through the 4 different heating modes. 

Our Wish Stone is designed to conform to the shape of any hand. Compact and lightweight, it will fit inconspicuously into any jacket pocket, keeping your hands and midriff toasty warm. While everyone else is shivering in the bitter cold, it's summer inside your winter wear! 

When you're ready to charge your mobile device just switch to charging mode. This USB hand warmer can accommodate the iPhone, iPad, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Tablet devices and other USB connected gear. 

Order your iHateTheCold rechargeable hand warmer Wish Stone today and stay warm and connected this winter. 

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