iHateTheCold Perfect Hand Warmer - Black

$33 CAD
Are you in search of a double-sided hand heat warmer? A reusable, fast-charging and long-lasting hand heater? Simply a hand heater that gets hot fast, stays hot longer and feels great?

Mission accomplished!

Introducing the Reusable Hand Warmer Power Bank by iHateTheCold.

Your new reliable source of warmness provides you with reasonable heat for your hands and quick charging for your phone too! Winter can’t harm you, now you have a reliable and rechargeable hand warmer that can hold heat up to 5h.

Two in one solution – perfect for autumn and winter outdoor adventures. - 3-5 hours of heat depending on heat settings
- 4400 mAh battery
- double sided
- rounded design – perfect feel

Useful for anyone (kids, adults, men, women) this hand heater represents a great gift idea for the upcoming autumn and winter season. Show that you care with a handy 2-in-1 heather and charger. Excellent gift for any occasion!

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