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Different Types of Hand Warmers

Hand warmers are packets which are small and mainly non-reusable. They are placed in the hand, creating heat when needed, to make cold hands warm.

They are mainly utilized in activities held outside like skiing and hiking, to maintain warmth in extreme weather and help padded clothing. Other kinds of warmers are accessible to offer heat which calms pains in muscles and joints.

The kind of heat and origin determines the length of time hand warmers can endure; this is re-crystallization from 30 minutes and platinum catalyst of 24 hours.

Kinds of Hand Warmers

Air Activated (Iron)

Hand warmers that are activated by air, consist of iron, cellulose, water and activated carbon (shares heat equally), water reservoir or vermiculite and salt or catalyst. It emits heat from iron’s exothermic oxidation when subjected to air.

They normally produce heat between 1 to 10 hours, even though the heat produced goes away fast after 1 to 2 hours.

Supersaturated Solution (Crystallization kind)

Crystallization kind of hand warmers produce heat via supersaturated solutions’ exothermic crystallization (normally sodium acetate) and are normally reusable.

These can be charged again by plunging the hand-warmer in extremely hot water until the components are evenly smooth; then let it cool. The emission of heat is activated by squeezing a tiny metal disk in the pad which produces nucleation centers that trigger crystallization.

Heat is needed to melt the salt in its own crystallization water. This heat is emitted after the emission of this heat, when crystallization is started. Normally, this kind has a heat interval which is shorter, of 20 minutes to 2 hours.

Lighter Fuel

Lighter fuel hand-warmers utilize petroleum naptha or lighter fluid which responds with a platinum catalyst to emit heat through oxidation responses. It is possible to use these again just by refueling. Regular models can emit heat for 12 to 24 hours; this is determined by settings.

These were created by Japan’s Hakkin Warmers Co. Ltd. Selling began in 1923. Branded ‘Peacock’, they sold abroad to the United States, from the 1950s. They are sold based on OEM by Zippo.


Hand warmers which are activated by battery utilize heating tools that are immune to electricity to change the battery’s electrical energy to thermal energy by utilizing batteries that can be charged again or thrown away.

Normally, they are able to endure up to 6 hours, with 40-48C. The Hand warmers that are Rechargeable Electronic are able to be charged from a 5V USB supply of power from mains power supply. Recharge cycles of 500 are portrayed.


Charcoal hand-warmers produce heat via charcoal burning in a special case. These can go up to 6 hours and become hot in a comfortable manner. Normally, their cases consist of felt on the exterior and have fabrics inside which are burn-resistant. However, they distribute heat equally, like metal. For activation, one end of the stick of charcoal or two are lit and then smothered out fast to form hot ember.

After this, the flaming stick is kept inside the case which is shut firmly. The charcoal sticks are present from majority of outdoor activity stores and are relatively affordable.

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