While summers make you run to your work, winters make you lazy and cold. The moment you leave the warmth of your house, you are shivering till you reach your car. After reaching the parking lot of your office, you are again cold and trembling until you reach your office. The worst is that you feel terribly cold at work as well, even though there are enough measures for you to feel warm.

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What do you do in such situations? How do you work to beat the winter? Here are a few tips that can work for you to stay warm at work:

  1. Climb the stairs (at least three floors): Even if your office is on the twentieth floor, you can climb three floors and then enter into the elevator. When you climb stairs, your body exercises and when you exercise, your body is warmer.
  2. Walk often on the floor: Instead of sitting in your chair all the time, the best thing to do is walk for five minutes after 20 to 25 minutes of working on your desk. This way, you would avoid gaining winter weight as well.
  3. Invest in desk heaters: There are different kinds of desk heaters available in the market; buy at least one to get some warmth at work.
  4. Keep drinking coffee (it keeps you warmer for a long period of time): I think almost everybody loves coffee; if you want to keep yourself warm for a longer time, it is good to sip coffee whenever you are terribly cold.
  5. Carry a large thermos of green tea: If you are addicted to green tea like I am, you can always fill a thermos with your favorite green tea and carry it to work. Green tea keeps you warm.
  6. Dress warm: It is necessary for you to dress as warm as possible. Make sure you wear thermal innerwear, gloves, a warm sweater and a coat to feel warmth surrounding you. Don’t leave your house with proper warm clothes or else you’ll shiver on your desk.
  7. Carry your foot warmers: Have you heard of foot warmers, yet? If you haven’t, go online and read about them. Buy at least one for yourself so that you can keep your feet warm and cozy at work. When your feet are warm, you feel warm enough to work with full spirit.
  8. Wear warm shoes: If you can’t buy foot warmers, invest in warm shoes. Warm feet, happy feet; happy feet, happy body!
  9. Buy battery powered heated vests: There are vests that can be heated with the help of batteries. Buy one to be active at work.
  10. Don’t forget your winter caps: Woolen winter caps may not interest you, but that’s not why you wear them; you wear one for warmth so do it when you are at work!

The best thing about winters is that you can always wear amazing woolen clothes to work. Winter clothes are fashionable and can help you set a trend at work.

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