Everyone Deserves Comfort

Safe and Warm

We believe that a more comfortable world is a better world. That everyone, no matter their circumstances, deserves to be safe and warm. We spent years working on the best hand warmers, toe warmers and body warmers. Making something that you will always want to have with you. And for every item you purchase for yourself or as a gift, we donate hand warmers that go to those who are affected by homelessness.

Our Story

Turn on the Heat

Get turnt up with an iHateTheCold hand warmer. These things will be keeping your hands warm for hours, keeping you feeling comfortable and happier.

Charge Your Devices

If you have a smart phone you know the pain of running out of juice. You can top up your battery using a fast charging 2AMP output, so the frustration of a dead phone is a thing of the past.

Light the Way

You will be kept warm and more. Light your way through the dark with the built in flashlight and in case of emergency use the strobe light function.

Our Maxi and Midi have a powerful 1W flashlight.

Our Mini has a 0.1W flashlight.